KACE’s 2013 Summer Drive-In Workshop

Though much of his career was spent at Kansas State University (KSU) as an assistant director of career and employment services, Karl Eric Kandt is currently focused on running Kandt Family Farming and Ranching. During his time at KSU, Karl Kandt belonged to the Kansas Association of Colleges and Employers (KACE). Kandt was chair of KACE’s Special Projects Committee from 2009 to 2010.

A nonprofit professional organization, KACE seeks to connect Kansas-based employers with career services personnel in neighboring colleges and universities. KACE was established to encourage graduates to stay in their communities and promote understanding between college staff, students, and local employers.

Each year, KACE sponsors the Summer Drive-In Workshop. This event gives employers and college staff the opportunity to learn from one another and from a variety of guest speakers. The 2013 keynote speaker is Grace Kutney, who will talk about integrating Twitter into marketing and outreach structures. In addition to a roundtable discussion, the workshop will also feature a Q&A session to address the questions “what skills are interns and new hires lacking?” and “how can career service professionals close the gap?”