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Karl Kandt

Karl Kandt

Former U.S. Army Reserve Officer Karl Kandt recently left a position as Kansas State University’s Assistant Director of Career and Employment Services and returned to his family’s ranch and farm. At Kansas State, he worked with students and alumni of the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design and the College of Arts and Sciences. His duties included defining career options, facilitating workshops in skill development, coordinating and assisting with career and internship fairs, and aiding follow-up efforts with recent graduates. Karl Eric Kandt spent seven years in this position.

Prior to joining Kansas State University, Karl Kandt served for four years as Wichita State University’s Athletic Student Services Department’s Academic Coordinator. He also worked at his alma mater, Emporia State University, for more than a decade as an Admissions Counselor, Assistant to the Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid, Coordinator of Student Recruitment, and Associate Director of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

During his years at Emporia State, Wichita State, and Kansas State, Karl Kandt had the opportunity to attend and present at a variety of professional development conferences. In the early years of his career, he presented at a state-wide workshop for high school and college counselors, developed a workshop for new admissions counselors, and was elected Co-Coordinator of the Kansas Delegation to the Great Plains Association of College Admissions Counselors. Later in his career, he attended the National Association of Colleges and Employers Conference, served as Chair of the Special Projects Committee of the Kansas Association of Colleges and Employers for seven years, and attended annual conferences throughout the Midwest.

Karl Kandt has a combined 20 years of experience as a radio analyst and public address announcer in athletics at the collegiate and high school levels.


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