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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Riley County Programs

A philanthropist and community volunteer, Karl Eric Kandt supports a variety of community events and organizations. A regular donor to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Riley County, Karl Kandt.

Located in Manhattan, Kansas, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Riley County hosts social service programs to enrich the lives of children. Statistics show that a kid paired with a big brother or big sister volunteer, also referred to as a Big, is less likely to consume alcohol, use drugs, and skip school. Bigs have an option to volunteer in a community or school-based program.

Through its community-based program, children are matched with adults, couples, or families. The Big and child spend time together up to four times a month for approximately three hours a week. From visiting the park to enjoying a meal, the pair engages in various activities to develop a strong relationship bond. To volunteer in the community program, adults must be 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license.

The school-based program takes place during the day and at the child’s school. Bigs commit up to a full hour each week to building camaraderie with their child by participating in a range of activities, including helping with homework assignments and playing basketball. The school program allows individuals who are a minimum of 15 years of age and a high school sophomore to participate.